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Thank You

I heard from Ed Scott this afternoon that I was not elected to the board (detailed results here).  I have no regrets and I’m glad I went through the process and got to meet and chat with (either in person or virtually) so many USPA members.  I’ve learned a lot about the process and the people involved and it’s been a thought-provoking exercise for sure.  Of course, I wish things had turned out differently, but the results are what they are. Continue reading ‘Thank You’


Revisiting the Election Process

I just re-read the blog entry I wrote back in June about the election process. Having now gone through it from a candidate’s perspective, I thought I’d share some of my observations on what seemed to match up with my initial theories.  Three reasons for low turnout matched up with my original theories; one was one that I hadn’t really considered in detail. Continue reading ‘Revisiting the Election Process’


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