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Time to Become Official (At the Worst Possible Time)

If my readers will allow me a minor personal bitch session here – the deadline (Monday after Labor Day) for submitting the materials to USPA to declare my candidacy officially happens to be occurring at the most inconvenient time personally … but I’ll figure out a way to make it all happen. I’m spending this weekend moving down to Northern California (by way of the All of the Above Boogie at Skydive Oregon – yes, I’m bringing the cats to the boogie – though I think I’ll probably leave them in the hotel room), and start my new job on Monday morning. But the good news is I have the holiday weekend to spend a some time crafting that personal statement and picking the perfect photo; in fact, I’ll have to see if I can stage a photo op in Molalla this weekend.


Question from Top Three Issues

Question from chuckakers on

Please tell us what you see as the top three issues facing USPA and our sport. Tell us your position on these issues and what – if anything – you intend to do about them. Finally, defend your position on how your plans for these issues will better the organization and the sport. Continue reading ‘Question from Top Three Issues’


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