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Keith sent me a PM via about Safety & Training Advisors. “Have you given any consideration to modifying the selection process of and expanding the role of S&TA?” Well, till I got that question, no, I hadn’t given much thought to the Safety & Training Advisor (S&TA) program at all, but I’ve done my homework since then. First, I refreshed my memory on how S&TAs are currently chosen (from the Governance Manual, pages 17-18): Continue reading ‘S&TAs’


Question about the BSRs

This question was submitted via email from Holly, a jumper who has just completed her B license:

If elected would there be a specific BSR that you would like to see adjusted or re-evaluated? If so what BSR or changes to the ISP’s would you like to change? Or are you confident that the current BSR’s and ISP’s are comprehensive as they stand now?

That is a great question, and one that I’ve sat on for a couple of days in my inbox because I’m not sure I have a good answer. Continue reading ‘Question about the BSRs’

Questions from

J. Wright asked some great questions on I answered them there but thought they were worth also posting on here. Here’s the questions and answers as posted on there:

1) What do you hope to accomplish if you are elected to the BOD?

I’d like to bring some transparency back to USPA. What USPA and the board does should not feel like a “black box” to the members – as a board member, I hope to help to bring the USPA back in touch with its individual members through active communication, accessibility, and encouraging new forms of open, transparent communication about board and USPA activities. Continue reading ‘Questions from’

Who Do I Want On The Board (Besides Me, Of Course)?

Jerry Baumchen asked the question (in a comment) “Have you given any thought as to who else YOU want to see on the BOD?” Yes, I have, but I certainly don’t have a final list yet. For one thing, I don’t know how many of those folks will actually end up on the ballot. Continue reading ‘Who Do I Want On The Board (Besides Me, Of Course)?’

The Election Process

Since I turned in my letter of intent, I’ve had a bit of time to peruse the copy of the USPA Governance Manual that I received back from USPA headquarters, so as my first topic… the Election Process itself. It sure seems like a simple process, on paper, but it’s pretty apparent that there are a few things broken with our board election process. The fundamental problem is that it’s still primarily on paper, but the interim problem is that our board keeps trying to put in fixes to those problems, some of which end up creating other, bigger problems. It’s probably time to just clean up this election process from the ground up. Here’s a few problems I’ve observed: Continue reading ‘The Election Process’


My name is Krisanne Combs, and I am a candidate for USPA National Director. Welcome to my campaign blog.

I plan to use this blog to discuss issues relating to the USPA Board of Directors and my interest in joining the Board. I have started out the blog by seeding it with a couple of introductory pages – one about me personally, and one about why I’m running for the board. Feel free to subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed for updated posts.

I hope this can be interactive as well, so please feel free to add a comment here or send an email to if there’s a question or topic you’d like to see me address here relating to the USPA and the USPA Board. I’ll do my best to do it justice.


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