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Guns Blazing?

Since I’ve declared my intention to run for the board, I’ve received a lot of positive support and feedback through comments or e-mails received via this blog, through posts and PMs on, and via in-person conversations as I’ve talked about my candidacy at various dropzones. Continue reading ‘Guns Blazing?’


Well, I Thought I Was Official

I’m glad I put a little cushion into the delivery date for my candidate materials.  They’re due Monday by close of business; I sent them Wednesday by two-day FedEx, so they should have been delivered today; but checking the FedEx tracking a delivery attempt was made today and the notes say “customer not available or business closed.”  WTF?  Can’t find any info on the USPA web site about HQ being closed, so I have no idea what’s going on there, unless the whole place shuts down for lunch (the delivery attempt *was* around lunchtime).  FedEx will try again on Monday, and will hopefully be successful.

Edit Monday: I have FedEx delivery confirmation.  All is well in the world.


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