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Thanks and Good Luck, All

Well, today’s the deadline for getting those votes in, so whatever will be, will be. I just logged on here at Z-Hills to make sure the last few votes I FedExed in made it to USPA headquarters on time (they did!). I came down here with ballots in hand wondering if I’d find enough folks who still hadn’t voted to make it worth sending a last-minute package. Fortunately, I was able to gather quite a few, and have very much enjoyed the chance to talk about the election with a few more folks from around the country (and a few international members, too!).

So now I wait a couple of weeks to hear what the results will be. Best of luck to everyone who stepped up to run.


Hurry Up and Vote!!

Time is running out – only 9 more days, and some of that will be eaten up in the mail.

If you haven’t voted yet, get that ballot in the mail today!!!

The Board/Staff Relationship

In reading and chatting with current board members, I’ve heard examples of actions taken by USPA staff that the board members believe didn’t match up with what the board approved.  While it’s difficult for me to comment on the specifics of those situations, since I wasn’t involved, it did get me to thinking about what the relationship ought to be. Continue reading ‘The Board/Staff Relationship’


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