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Communication Breakdown

Apologies to anyone who might have tried to email the email address in the past week or so.  I am having domain issues (transferring from one host to the other) and that email has been down.

You can still reach me at krisanne [at]


Get Out the Vote

It’s been great to hear how many people have voted already, and I’m excited at the level of support I’m receiving for my candidacy.  It seems like there’s a lot more energy around this year’s election than there has been in quite a long time;  USPA HQ confirms that there’s a record number of candidates this year.  There’s certainly been a lot of talk on, Facebook, and other online forums.  I have heard rumors of candidates setting up shop at various dropzones to get out the vote.  This is all extremely exciting and good for the process!

Now that PDF ballots are available, I plan to have a stack with me every time I head out to the dropzone or any other gathering of skydivers.  With 10% voter turnout in a typical year, I can’t help but think part of that is due to apathy or forgetfulness.  I figure the least I can do is make it easy for people to vote for me.   I’d like to encourage those who are supporting my candidacy – and who want to see some real change on the board – to do the same.  Don’t just vote (although that’s the first and most important thing to do), but help others to see why voting is important.  Talk to them about the candidates and your thoughts on them.  Encourage them to read all of the candidate statements on the USPA web site (or in Parachutist – it’s the same info).  Remind your friends and fellow skydivers that the USPA board represents them.

As I like to say, USPA is not them.  USPA is us.  Let’s make it happen!

Swooping is Not A Crime, In Fact, It’s…

… probably one of the things that will help to grow skydiving as a sport in the years to come.

Just wanted to state my position on the topic, publicly and openly, since my understanding is that there’s a group of candidates that are using the “USPA wants to ban swooping” scare tactic as a campaign strategy.  Granted, that energy is aimed more at incumbents than at fellow challengers like me, but it’s still something I wanted to speak up about. Continue reading ‘Swooping is Not A Crime, In Fact, It’s…’

Guns Blazing?

Since I’ve declared my intention to run for the board, I’ve received a lot of positive support and feedback through comments or e-mails received via this blog, through posts and PMs on, and via in-person conversations as I’ve talked about my candidacy at various dropzones. Continue reading ‘Guns Blazing?’

Well, I Thought I Was Official

I’m glad I put a little cushion into the delivery date for my candidate materials.  They’re due Monday by close of business; I sent them Wednesday by two-day FedEx, so they should have been delivered today; but checking the FedEx tracking a delivery attempt was made today and the notes say “customer not available or business closed.”  WTF?  Can’t find any info on the USPA web site about HQ being closed, so I have no idea what’s going on there, unless the whole place shuts down for lunch (the delivery attempt *was* around lunchtime).  FedEx will try again on Monday, and will hopefully be successful.

Edit Monday: I have FedEx delivery confirmation.  All is well in the world.

Time to Become Official (At the Worst Possible Time)

If my readers will allow me a minor personal bitch session here – the deadline (Monday after Labor Day) for submitting the materials to USPA to declare my candidacy officially happens to be occurring at the most inconvenient time personally … but I’ll figure out a way to make it all happen. I’m spending this weekend moving down to Northern California (by way of the All of the Above Boogie at Skydive Oregon – yes, I’m bringing the cats to the boogie – though I think I’ll probably leave them in the hotel room), and start my new job on Monday morning. But the good news is I have the holiday weekend to spend a some time crafting that personal statement and picking the perfect photo; in fact, I’ll have to see if I can stage a photo op in Molalla this weekend.

Question from Top Three Issues

Question from chuckakers on

Please tell us what you see as the top three issues facing USPA and our sport. Tell us your position on these issues and what – if anything – you intend to do about them. Finally, defend your position on how your plans for these issues will better the organization and the sport. Continue reading ‘Question from Top Three Issues’


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